What Are Your Prices?

I don't have any set prices because every show is different. Some shows require a PA and larger effects such as school assemblies, while other shows such as birthday parties have only 10 children present. 

What Age Groups Do You Perform?

I perform for all age groups. All of my magic is clean comedy and is suited for family audiences. I never use vulgar language or disrespect any audience member. 

Do You Perform Outside?

I usually do not but there are occasions that I do. Outdoor shows just do not turn out as well as other shows due to wind, heat, rain, noises, lighting (sun in my eyes or audience eyes), and and other distractions. Magic shows are really best under a controlled environment. The wind is the number one enemy for a magic show which can blow props off a table very easily. 

Do You Produce Live Animals?

I actually have a rabbit but never use her (Luna) in a show. She is a pet. If any of you have pets, could you imagine having your pet confined to a small box unable to move for 30 minute or longer during a show until it is produced? This is especially bad in the summer during extreme temperatures. It is also required to have a permit from the USDA when using a live animal in your show. They can come to your home at any time and check on the animal to ensure you are providing a clean, healthy environment for your animal. That for me is just too much trouble. It is also not a great way for an animal to live shuffling them from show to show and exposing them to strangers which can be stressful not to mention a child could be accidentally scratched. You would be surprised how many parents who have not booked me just because they wanted a live rabbit produced. I suggest reading my birthday reviews on my 'Audience' page. No child has ever missed a bunny rabbit in my show. They just have too much fun and never know the difference.

Where Do Your Perform?

I perform in IL & Mo. 

Some of the locations that I generally perform are:


Alton, Godfrey, Bethalto, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Roxana, Wood River, Brighton, Jerseyville, and Moro


Creve Coeur, Ladue, Chesterfield, Manchester, Brentwood, Clayton, Town & Country, Wildwood, St. Peters, and Ofallon 

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